Built on 03-14-2007 Diesel Bombers was the first PHP site we built. It was made on vBulletin 3 software. In Jan 2011 we sold the site for $85.000.00 part of our contact meant we were done online as we were unable to develop websites for 5 years.

Diesel Bombers is your #1 source for *anything* you need to know about diesel – including trucks, cars, tractors, marine engines, performance parts, fuels, construction/agricultural equipment.

Connect with other Diesel Bombers from Around the world , Interact with our Superior Software , Share Photo’s , Diesel Related Questions & Answers , Chat Instantly in our Chat Room, Compete in Our Arcade , Casino or Texas Hold’em Poker Table.

No Other Diesel Community has as many features as Diesel Bombers ! We Operate on 6 Professional Servers To Bring You The Best User Experience Possible


The site was entered into a website competition. Where it won and gained interest of the company who made the software the site was built on, Ultimately buying the site.