Our first website built in 2005 using HTML this site was sold for $8000.00 in 2007.

 There are many Help Guides , Diagrams , General Tips and Info about the Dodge Cummins Truck … The problem is this information is spread all over the web . Wouldn’t it be nice if all that info was dug up and organized on to a single web site …. Well Welcome to 3D The Dodge Diesel Database and that’s our vision . With many of a thanks to those that have paved the way and assembled the info already as well as efforts from the 3D Staff to update items find the stragglers and create new Items 3D can be.
Here you will Find tons of info. When Something is not the works of 3D  we have credits to the information and we gain permission for use. If you come across something and you would like to thank the author and cant find a way to just contact 3D .

This site holds a spot in our hearts as being our first even venture into web design, A friend supplied a server for us to build the site on, once we out grew it there was no looking back.